More studying

I may be a glutton for punishment, but I’m just about to apply formally to study for a D.Min (that’s a professional Doctorate!).  I went to join the thrice-yearly seminar yesterday and today at the Gladstone Library in Hawarden, near Chester.  I can thoroughly recommend the place as somewhere to stay for peace, calm, good food and a library like that of Terry Pratchett’s Unseen University.  It may look gorgeous, but on first inspection has a brilliant array of church history and history books, not only those from Gladstone’s personal library, but much more up to date books too – I even recognised some that I own. (One day – The Revd Claire Library, with a tradition of strong coffee and excellent cake?  The Gladstone Library is there already!) 

The staff and students were inspirational, and I can”t wait to get started.  And there were connections everywhere, in every conversation.  I’m not yet sure what God wants me to do with all this, but if I carry on, I’m sure it will become clear.  

And for the next few days, pre-Ordination to the Priesthood retreat.  So there will be silence from me until early July.  No blogs, no tweets, no Facebook, just me, art materials, books, and walking boots.  Hurrah!


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