I’ve had a fab few days – wonderful service of Ordination to the Priesthood at Winchester Cathedral last night.  Had lots of people laying hands on me, which is surprisingly heavy!  Smiled from beginning to end, an utter delight.  Huge thanks to everyone who has sent me cards, emails, Facebook and Twitter messages, I value them greatly.  Afterwards, I went with immediate family, and “clergy who ordained me” (not the bishop!!) for a meal which was great – relaxed and happy.  got home very very late.

Which was a shame, because I was up again this morning at 6, out of the shower by 6.10 and on the way to Worcester by 6.20am.  It was lovely to be part of the “robing clergy”, knowing I finally don’t have “L” plates!  I was at the Deaconing of a wonderful friend who has been part of my travels through college – and to see her finally ordained was just so special.  Met up with several old college friends, good to catch up.  Then back down the motorway/dual carriage was, and to Ampfield for their 6pm Songs of Praise service – the culmination of a busy weekend of Flower Festival, where we welcomed our new Deacon who was ordained in Winchester this morning.  I did the final Blessing- I was sooooo proud!

So, first presiding at Communion is Thursday, first Wedding is Friday – I’ll keep you posted…..

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