Services and more

Today started with the 0630 I Must Wake Up Now shower, followed by I Really Need To Wake Up coffee and I Really Should Eat Something weetabix. When I arrived at Church 1 at 0730, our lovely churchwarden had set up ready for Communion, so all I had to do was find the right readings. I do enjoy BCP – it has soothing rhythms. Sermon preached, hands shaken, off to Church 2 for 0930 CW Holy Communion.

There were far more people about, and far more questions for me – have you got this notice (ans: leave it with me); can you sort the car park (ans:please ask Churchwarden; subtext: probably not) who is reading and are they here etc. Our Reader was Deaconing, so all I had to do was preach and do Eucharist bits. One cup of coffee later and I was off to Church 3 with Reader in Training.

So, 1115 BCP HC, with Reader-in-Training as Deacon. He isn't familiar with BCP, and it made me think about the different rhythms it has compared with modern speech. If a sentence seems to make no sense, you can stop anywhere to breathe, but if it does make sense, random breathing sounds weird. Congregations worshiping together find a pace and rhythm that they settle to, sometimes over years, and as clergy, I try to be mindful and respectful of this.

It was the third time of preaching and presiding that made me think about how I lead services. This morning, I needed sufficient energy for three, yet nearly everyone else would be part of one service (anyone in the ministry team was doing two). I'm glad I enjoy services and find them interesting – it would be awful if I seemed bored during someone's only experience of church that day (/week/month/year).

After village day yesterday I fell asleep on the sofa, after lunch today I helped sort the loft. Church services mostly give me energy – Thank God!


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