Up for air

Over half way through the first week of my Training Incumbent’s holiday, and so far, no total disasters to report.  In fact, it may be busy, but everything seems to be under control.   I’ve done both burials now – one in our churchyard, where the rain didn’t during the burial itself (thanks God, appreciated) and the other in the big Cemetery in the city, where it just poured.  In fact, we could have made it a burial at sea.  

For the first burial, I wore cassock and surplice, and so got my clerical cloak out, just in case.  This is very heavy wool, so very warm, and just soaks up rain, but doesn’t let it through (so far).  By the time I had written up the registers it was pouring again, so put on cloak to go and thank gravediggers (you never notice them when you are the client – unless they dig the grave in the wrong place, put the earth on another associated grave, make a mess, etc.  In other words they are skilled people who deserve praise).  Striding though a churchyard in murky weather wearing a cloak is one of the great unsung pleasures of clergy life.  I love the shocked looks from passing car drivers – although I am slightly concerned that they aren’t paying attention to the road.  

For the second wetter burial I was travelling with our lovely local undertakers, who have a plethora of very large umbrellas.  And by the graveside I gave (silent) thanks for two people – my liturgy tutor who told us to get burial pages typed and laminated; and the gentle gifted man in our congregation who typeset, printed and laminated the entire burial service for me.  Soggy books are not good – it was so wet that the ink washed right off my PostIt note of the name.  Note to self – use pencil.

I went off and watched the Church School end of year performance – it was great.  I recommend Three Little Pigs with a Red Riding Hood Twist!  I’ve also got the preparation done for their leavers service next Monday.  

So, the sermon is nearly written, the Junior Church Sunday Service is coming along nicely.  This afternoon I need to write up marriage registers for Saturday – the rehearsal was last night and was HUGE fun.  And I need to write Baptism Certificates and cards for Sunday.  This afternoon might be spent concentrating…..

It’s busy, but I do manage to come up for air – and I just love this life.


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