Two funeral "visits"

Two funeral “visits”, both for elderly ladies.  The nephew and niece of the first visited me “to save you the journey”, and had been coping valiantly for several years with a much loved aunty, whom dementia had turned into a difficult, demanding, thoroughly dislikable woman. They had to spend some time working their way through the dreadful recent history, to recover their memories of their fun loving, chocolate  eating, cream cake offering, generous to a fault, dancing aunty.  And once they had recovered those memories, we laughed together.

The second “visit” – a phone call to a son.  No, no need to visit thank you.  No, she never did much.  Never talked about herself or her life.  No, don’t really know anything about her.  She didn’t want a fuss.  No, you choose a reading.  Oh, she wanted “The Old Rugged Cross”, do you know it?  No, We’ll leave the tribute to you.  Short.  

The funerals are both later this week – I’ll let you know how they turn out…..

Oh, and training incumbent is back on Monday – I don’t think I’ve ever, in my entire career, looked forward to the return of a boss quite so much!


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