I’ve spent years doing jobs where being a woman is seen either as irrelevant or a disadvantage.  So it has come as something of a shock to find that being a woman seems to affect my ministry in a positive way.  My wise training incumbent has been murmuring gently for a while about the benefit of having a woman as part of the full time ministry team, but I’ve been ignoring him because remarks like that don’t figure on my mental world map.  But during two different conversations with two different people in the last four days, comments have been made along the lines of “it’s easier to talk to a woman” or “I couldn’t say this to a man”.  In neither case were we talking about anything I perceive as unduly personal or gender specific.  

Have I finally landed somewhere where being a woman is a good thing?  And what do I do about it (apart from redraw mental map)?


4 responses to “Gender?

  1. At the risk of saying the wrong thing – I think I disagree. This should be a role where being a human being is a good thing rather than any one type of person. If we are all parts of the body then surely there is a place for each of us – the trick is in seeing that every part is necessary. My experience would be that the church needs women to minister to men and men to minister to women most of the time.

    Is not the reality that we need to have a clergy that welcomes (nay encourages) members of “every” gender, every ethnic group, every sexuality, evry class of society, and maybe in small numbers, even Brummies. The wonder of the Kingdom is that all are welcome, and God welcomes us all in. The proof of how far of teh mark we sometimes are, is when members of one of the above groups is so surprised to be wanted!!

    God Bless,


  2. No, you aren't saying the wrong thing. I'm not sure why I was so surprised / shocked (and shocked isn't too strong a word). But I suspect that after years of de-emphasising my gender, because it was seen as something negative at work, I had come to a point where I de-emphasised it in all parts of my life. My expectations because of life in a particular part of our society had spilled over into every sector, and I am now making the joyous discovery that we really do all have a part to play. I meet a wider variety of people now, and a greater cross section of society, so am learning that different assumptions operate.

    I totally agree that we need clergy who welcome everyone. I don't meet many Brummies down here – but we have a Baggies supporter in one congregation!
    God bless

  3. Ahhh, that would be the round ball game. As a result of spending WAY too much of my life in the US I have to confess that the round ball game bores me stupid, but the Oval ball game – there is a sport. As a passionate New England Patroits fan for 15 years now I have to say that I probably am not going to get over this.

    God Bless,

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