Growing up?

On the one hand, it’s been quite good fun with my Training Incumbent on leave – a bit of a chance to make some of the decisions I might normally defer to him, and a chance for me to be seen as “in charge”.  The irony is of course that as an Assistant Curate I am most definitely not in charge – that is for the Churchwardens.  And I’ve been very glad of knowing that, and have been checking things with them now and again (for example, burying the ashes of a woman with those of her husband is very sensible and pastorally correct, but she hasn’t lived in the parish for years – so sensible to run the notion past CWs).  

And it’s given me a taste of the joys of being an Incumbent – yes, people really do always ring at mealtimes (how do they know?), and when they contact me, they know that their issue is the most important one I could possibly be dealing with.  The last year has been very useful in teaching me to deal with “leakage” of emotions from one situation into another – it’s a useful lesson, and I’m getting better, although still not perfect.  The sheer variety of life leaves me amazed and delighted.  As a MyersBriggs INTJ I need a bit of structure to the week, but need the new things to keep me entertained – and there have been plenty of those.

TI has actually been back in the parish for a week, but I’ve avoided him on the grounds he needs a proper break.  In my other jobs, it would not occur to me to disturb my manager whilst they were on holiday (short of total utter disaster – it never happened).  So I’ve been quite surprised by how many people think I’ve been in touch with him – “how was his holiday; is he looking relaxed after his break; when you see him can you…..” etc etc.  The poor chap sees quite enough of me without me taking over leisure time too – he has a wife and family who deserve uninterrupted time!

But I’ve never contemplated the return of a boss with quite so much enthusiasm.  It’s such a gift NOT to be responsible, to know that there is always someone to ask, and someone to help pick up the pieces.  So I hope he’s had a great holiday, and I hope he isn’t too horrified at the To Do list he’s got waiting for him…

So one more Sunday, and then I’m on leave from midweek – my first gift to myself is going to be a loooooong lie-in, with coffee and breakfast in bed.  Even though I’ll have to get up and make it myself!


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