Back…but what happened?

I’ve been away with my family for a week, happily ignoring the world, concentrating on doing stuff together (especially eating).  It’s been a great week for us.  Team Maxim loved the High Ropes course (even the scary bit that reduced other participants to tears – some of them aged over 14!), and discovered that walking briskly round countryside with a map and GPS unit is a lot more fun than it ought to be.  (Geocaching – a new discovery for us.)  We cycled and played badminton and ate for England (and the rest of the UK).  Oh, and played pool, and drank considerable quantities of wine.  I’m glad to be home again now, and the washing machine is coping well so far…..

When we left home last week, there had been a bit of trouble in London.  Facebook told me about the three men murdered in Birmingham, I now find others have died in or around riots; a colleague of mine will be dealing with a shocked community on Jersey; and David Starkey failed to realise that what was racist in the 1960’s is still wrong 40 years later.  That’s just the stuff I have noticed (and lot of bombs in Iraq – families are grieving all over the world tonight).  

And in other news, @Standrewsmethch has started tweeting.  It may not seem relevant, but it is all about relationships.  I’ve been spending vital time with my family.  Rioters probably haven’t looted their own businesses.  And when relationships break down, murder may result.  Keeping all our relationships fed and alive is a complicated business.  I have friends (You Know Who You Are) who cope very well with the odd phone call and email from me, with silence much of the time.  I have lost friends (and they were good people, but won’t be reading this) where I didn’t pay enough attention.  I don’t yet know what has happened in my own community over the past week – another set of relationships to be renewed.  Yet on holiday I deliberately didn’t do much on Twitter (although a bit on FB), because on holiday, it is my family who get my attention.  

I’ve just caught up with an article written by someone who claims to be able to do email for work for half an hour morning and evening, and be with their family on holiday the rest of the time.  For me, that misses the point…but does lead to a debate about where Priest ends and Claire starts (or vice versa, or something).  For another day….that washing machine is calling me!


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