Wonderful Wednesday

There is nothing more irritating than being told by someone that their expectations (which were way too high in the first place) have been fully met and exceeded.  So, apologies to all for being irritating, but today has been great fun.  I worked my way through an admin list of “stuff to do when I get back from holiday” before 10am, everyone who had rung me while I was away hadn’t left a message (and I have a  policy of not ringing numbers back unless they have a corresponding voicemail message), and everyone I rang this morning was in and organised.  Wow.

I was then going to write Sunday’s sermon (yeah, right, you know me so well!) – read the readings, had a bit of a think, and then the phone rang with someone asking for Home Communion, and by the way could I bless her new wedding ring because the old one had fallen off her finger after she left hospital and she can’t find it, and it matters because it’s her Diamond Wedding Anniversary next week. And if I could come come this afternoon, then her husband might be persuaded to come and share the ring blessing.  

I gave thanks for my Training Incumbent (and for a respectable email/electronic filing system), and hauled out a Blessing Liturgy, which could be dressed up or down according to (a) how much the husband was willing to participate (b) how much the couple actually wanted and (c) who else was there.  Got there to be greeted by husband “I believe in God and I pray a lot but I don’t do church – my grandmother made me go three times every Sunday”.  My reply of “Oh, in that case God knows who you are then” seemed to hit the mark, and the three of us shared in a small lovely renewal of Vows, with ring safely blessed.  I was so thankful that I had cut and pasted names on the sheet, and taken a couple of spares “our granddaughter will like one”, along with our Wedding Readings Booklet.  It felt like overkill, but turned out to be just the right thing.  

Then second Home Communion with chap who has seen it all, read about it, thought about it, and is glad to talk.  Wonderful bloke, a really inspirational man.

I get so much more out of meeting people than I put into it.  Yes, it’s the best “job” I could ever have!    

Hmm, still no sermon….yet.


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