World division

I’ve discovered that the world divides in a way I had never realised before – those who do Greenbelt and those who don’t.  As someone who never has, I am able to tell you only that Greenbelt is a Christian Festival (music, speakers, arts, workshops, events, worship and beer) held at Cheltenham Racecourse every August Bank Holiday Weekend. 

Festivals just aren’t my thing.  I like clean lavatories that flush, I like my comfy bed, I like not being around too many people (Myers Briggs profile INTJ – space to think is important to me).  I have friends who do Glastonbury, friends and relations who do Greenbelt, but I did enough camping holidays in a tent with my Mum when I was little that I don’t want to now.  And I don’t want to give up four or five days of my life away from my family, doing something that doesn’t light my fire.

BUT I keep being told how great Greenbelt is – interesting, inspiring, challenging, a chance to have interesting conversations, a chance to be exposed to different influences.  All of these are good and wonderful things.  So does anyone have any ideas about how I do them without having to get cold wet and muddy?  And is experience more valuable if it happens when you are cold wet and muddy?  

Don’t get me wrong, I am delighted that so many Christians are gathered together to share and worship and glorify God.  Encore!  But what about those of us who are to be found in the kitchen at parties?  Those of us who try to take up our crosses and follow Christ – but not in a field with thousands of others?  Is there a way of us getting the benefit of something like Greenbelt without being there?



One response to “World division

  1. Must admit I did Greenbelt once and really hated it! – ended up in the sad person's tent for people who didn't like crowds. They were great – and may well have saved my sanity. Never again, I cry …



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