So how do I capture the ideas and challenges of something like Greenbelt without going?  I did like the idea of “KitchenFest” (thanks for the name – you know who you are!) with hygiene – a sort of festival for introverts, where there is no obligation to make eye contact, speak or join in.  Anyone jumping up and down whooping with their hands in the air will be be relabelled an extrovert and given a full refund as they leave (immediately).  In fact, I wonder whether it might work on line…

A Facebook page?  On which anyone who wants to join in can (I might do something so that Administrator has to approve people?) but in order to join, you have to bring an item for discussion or reflection – where an item might be a song, an image, a video, a written piece?  All open for comment from those who have joined – so no need for eye contact, and everyone can use their own loo, whatever state it happens to be in at the time.  Have it running for a specified time?  The idea to provoke, challenge, refresh, discuss, reflect – with a Christian focus, but it would be more interesting if people from across the faith-to-no-faith spectrum joined in.  What does anyone think?


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