How to win friends…

I often say things on the spur of the moment (and regular readers, and those who know me personally) will be familiar with variants of the phrase “so I just said…”).  I don’t often DO things on the spur of the moment though – and so am slightly bemused by what I did this weekend.  I (being a fully paid up technophobe, in spite of a degree in engineering, which I got a loooooong time ago) set up a Facebook page, entitled “KitchenFest”.  No mean feat in itself, but then I invited anyone who felt like it (and I hearwith continue the invitation) to come along to the page, and discuss/argue/debate stuff to do with faith/God/lack of God etc. 

This may be the quickest way to lose friends ever devised – on reflection, it is surely more normal to encourage consensus than dissent?  So, feel free to come along, make sure you argue the ideas, not the people, and with a bit of luck, and by the grace of God, we’ll still be speaking come Christmas.
All aboard, the kettle’s boiling, the chocolate and biscuits are available, come on in. 


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