All new!

When I went off to our Diocesan Office today (in the pouring rain) I knew I would have an interesting time.  I and my fellow New Priests were having a day of Theological reflection – take along an experience, or a thought, or a problem, chew it over and ask “Where is God in that?”

The appointment of the Bishop Designate of Winchester, Tim Dakin, was announced this morning on the (so far rather good) relaunched Diocesan Website but what we weren’t expecting was to be told he was arriving for lunch.  To be accurate, this wasn’t so he could meet this year’s crop of priests, lovely though we are.  It was so he could meet the staff at Diocesan Office, who are an often unsung bunch of heroes.  Lunch was therefore rather good, and we got to meet our nearly bishop in the flesh, and hear him speak briefly.  Early signs are good.

And it was great to share thoughts with my colleagues.  We each bring a wide range of experience, and work in very different areas, so it is notable that similar questions crop up.  It’s good to have a space in which to share and work through different ideas, with a range of perspectives.  Well worth the drive in the rain.  I’m not going to write up anything here about those things we discussed, although I have blogged on some  of the topics before.  It highlights how important it is to have people who understand the things I go through, to offload and to get new ideas and approaches.  It’s another way to stay fresh!


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