A balancing act

I’ve been quiet here for a few days, a sure sign that I have been busy elsewhere.  For various reasons, I haven’t had a day off recently, so today my plan was to work this morning, have lunch with the lovely curate from a couple of parishes away, spend the afternoon either gardening or reading in the sun, and have an evening with my family.

This morning was great (it always is when I notice God), but draining.  Lunch was a refreshing gift, and I got home about 2.30pm.  By the time I had done the domestic bits, the children had returned, followed shortly by my beloved.  So the evening whirlwind began.  But I have a funeral address to rewrite (draft 1 is dull); prayers for use at a wedding to prepare – for those loved ones who cannot be there, either because they are ill, or have died; liturgy for the Pet Service to finish; interview questions to write.  

It is sometimes hard to stay on the non-work side of the study door.  And if I suddenly remember that someone wasn’t around this morning who I expected to see, do I drop everything and phone – or try to remember to do it tomorrow?  How do I balance the people I love, the things I love doing, the things I have to do, and being me?

I know I haven’t got the balance right this week, or many weeks.  All advice gratefully received!



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