Connections connections connections

What a week of contrasts.  From cathedral to home communion, from school harvest to dementia care home, from sixth form college open day to County Record Office, from conference in London to baptism.

From a cathedral where prayers are scripted, to a home communion, which is mostly scripted, with set readings – but we stopped and talked about giving things that are already God’s to God – are gifts valuable if the recipient already has them?  Or is the recipient glad to get them back?

From school harvest, with the entire school in church (and being encouraged to be quiet by their teachers), celebrating harvest, and praying for all the people in the places which contribute to tomato ketchup (you’d be surprised) … to harvest at our lovely dementia care home.  the lounge was packed – with residents as usual, but with more visitors and staff than usual.  The residents were far noisier than the children had been earlier – until we started to sing all the hymns.  You may think they are too traditional to be relevant to the modern world, but for the ladies and gentlemen in that lounge, those hymns are a means of connecting their realities with what is going on in the room today.

From open evening and worrying about the choices my children face about their education… to doing my own research and furthering my own education.  I found out some very unexpected information about the history of one of our churches – a bit that I haven’t heard as part of the village “story”, so I’m delighted that I may be able to add to and enrich the story of the evolution of our church.  It may even help inform our future.

From an energising conference in London about Christians and New Media (and you’ll know from this blog that I’m a bit new to Blogs and to Twitter), to a different sort of newness in a Baptism.

Such a week of contrasts, and so many connections – between ideas, between people.  With God at the centre.  I’m shattered, but it was great.


2 responses to “Connections connections connections

  1. Thank-you Claire – it is a tonic to read this after sharing with you the simultaneously exhausting but exhilarating cnmac conference. I'm so glad to have met you, but wish we had longer to talk. Perhaps we can have a mini-meet in Winchester with other tweeters?
    Meanwhile, this post reminds us of what it is all about!

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