Watching and Waiting

We ran a Benefice Quiet Day today.  Most of the Ministry team were there, although we didn’t get many other people.  A Saturday in December is arguably not the best time for most people to take time out.

it was a lovely day.  Morning prayer, a short talk, silence, Eucharist.  Lunch time to chat, then another short talk, silence and Evening Prayer.  We had a couple of prayer stations, and a prayer walk (it didn’t rain!).  There was tea and coffee on hand all day, and no sense of rushing about.  Just stillness, companionship, and God.  

Our theme was Watching and Waiting (apologies to Kenneth Stevenson, whose book of the same title is excellent).  There was the opportunity to think about signs, and to think about how we wait.  I found myself thinking about knitting.  I only know two basic stitches – plain and purl.  Variations of these mean I can cast on and cast off (start and finish a piece of knitting).  But with these simple stitches, I can create something complicated – it’s fingerless gloves at the moment.  I’ve finished the chunky cabled cardigan!   So if I can create something quite complex with two simple stitches, how much more can we create with our God-given gifts?  

We went on to another Benefice event, the Mummers and Christmas Tea.  The Mummers did a great job as ever – the characters of Father Christmas (in green, not red), Johnny Japes, The Turk, St George and The Doctor may not be particularly ancient, but the play they acted, of death and resurrection, reaches right back into the roots of the human psyche.  There wasn’t much watching and waiting, more booing and cheering, and there were plenty of people.

Both events felt like an introduction to Christmas.  The Quiet Day was a way to focus on Incarnation, the Mummers created the story and excitement.  To have both today has been a treat!


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