It’s a video blog….of sorts

Hmm, not the most incisive piece of communication I have every managed – but it appears easier to record video than audio on my Mac. 
Feel free to chuckle.  


6 responses to “It’s a video blog….of sorts

  1. I love it! I love that you've tried, and you're still thinking about ways to give it another go 🙂 Sure they'll be lots of tips from people…

  2. Know the feeling about a script!! If you video blog about your experiences, you wont need a script tho… You did a great job here! Dont worry about the ums and ahs etc., that all adds up to making the video “real”…

  3. I should be joining you on this journey… I got lots of 'critique' for my last one – take glasses off, smile, look at the camera! About time I had another go 🙂

    [Meantime, been playing with Shelfari – would be great if a UK version, and you can have different bookshelves!]

  4. @Anne- Thanks for the encouragement- it's really odd to see myself!
    @Bex – I've just deleted Shelfari, I kept forgetting to update it.

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