Being myself

I was invited to be with a lunchtime group of Christians today, by a friend I met on Twitter.  “What topic would you like me to talk about?”  I asked.  “Just tell ’em about you” he said.  So I did.

It always feels self indulgent, telling my story.  I worry that, as opposed to preaching, it might seem that God isn’t at the centre, that it really is all about me.  So I told it, as I usually tell it, trying to make it clear that I was in God’s care all along, even when it felt as though it was just me.  

The thing that allows me to keep telling my story is the reaction of others when I do.  We all live our lives as stories, trying to make sense of ourselves, of our place in the world, of our relationships with each other and with God.  And so listening to other people can help us reweave our own narrative, as the experience shared by others throws light on who we are and how we live.  

This time was no exception, as people listened, commented, talked about their experiences with others and with God.  And so I came away, enriched as ever by meeting God in other people.  



3 responses to “Being myself

  1. You make a telling point. Each of us have their own unique story to tell. During discernment I've told and retold it countless times. Written about it and so on. But each time you tell it, you get a new and different insight. Something occurs, to refresh your memory and you get a glimpse of God working in it, with the Holy Spirit.

    Just today, I've had to retell the story and gained new insight into something that happened, which at the time, I was oblivious off, but is now shining clear.

    God gives us insight, but sometimes unexpectedly. It's reflective and seems to aid our growth as Christians and bring us closer to him.

    God is Great!

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