Depression – a disease, not a choice

I’ve never been clinically depressed.  I’ve never had cancer.  I have had broken bones.  All are potentially manageable, and prayer will help, if only to give strength and peace during the healing process.  But being Christian no more grants immunity to depression than it does to broken bones.  And no-one needs the added pressure of being told “if you are a proper Christian, you will be cured”.  There are things that happen where we cannot see God’s plan.  Things that happen because this broken world contains disease.    Provoking guilt when hurtful things happen helps no-one, in their healing or in their relationships with other people or their relationship with God.  Prayer may help, medication may help.  Guilt won’t.  With any disease.

I live in the UK, where freedom of speech is valued.  It doesn’t mean I agree with every Christian who airs his views on Channel 4.


One response to “Depression – a disease, not a choice

  1. Very well said, Claire. As a fairly regular depression sufferer and a Christian, I entirely agree. I'm probably glad I didn't catch said Channel 4 programme! Might have had to up the happy pills … 🙂

    It's also quite annoying when well-meaning and otherwise utterly loveable friends tell me I've nothing to be depressed about and why don't I snap out of it. Ah well …


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