S3x? and Marriage?

Someone asked on Twitter a few days ago whether this was a suitable reading for a Marriage Service in church.  Valentine by John Fuller

Well, I’d want it read well, by someone who is able to project, and get the humour, and not giggle in the middle.  But we, as church, can’t have it both ways.  Those of us who proclaim it is ridiculous for church to be hung up about gender identity and sex, can’t go all coy and bashful when presented with a poem which talks about desire, and about physical expressions of love.  I’ve heard lots of readings which talk about today as the start, which seem daft for couples who’ve been living together for years, and who in some cases already have children.  For them, marriage is an acknowledgement before God of that which already exists, and God, with God’s timelines, will cope.  

The Preface is part of the Marriage Service, and one version requires me to utter the words ‘sexual union’. In church.  Whilst wearing a dog collar.  It goes against the stereotype of the clergy(person? man?).  So if that’s part of the Liturgy, if we insist on a Bible reading (Song of Solomon, breasts like goats anyone?) why not also have a modern, humorous, truthful reading about human desire?  Does it really undermine the solemnity of the moment?  I’ve witnessed enough readings of 1 Cor 13 where the reader breaks into giggles about putting away childish things that I for one am unconvinced by solemnity.



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