A Cycling Metamorphosis

Go on, admit it, you didn’t even know I could spell “cycling”.  I’ve been out on my shiny new bike today, with my shiny new SPD pedals.  For those who don’t know (I certainly didn’t) these are pedals which require special shoes, which clip into place.  Personally I think they should be called CDAR pedals (Comedy Dismount Adrenaline Rush).  No, I can’t remember what SPD stands for (and I’m not that bothered about the fact).

So when the rain finally stopped, I asked my beloved husband if we could go out for a cycle, so I could test my new shoes.  No way was I going on my own, I needed someone who could call an ambulance if required (see above paragraph re pedals which are clipped to shoes).

We did 14 miles, had a great time on quiet roads and bridleways, established that I could cycle to the edge of the New Forest (which means that if fed and watered regularly I could manage a day cycling in the New Forest without loading up cars), and got very very muddy.  Yes, I experienced that pure adrenaline rush, triggered by trying to take my foot of a pedal and not being able to unclip.  Twice.  But made it, without CD moment.

I have changed.  I used to cycle under extreme protest, about 5 miles with a lot of stops to our local National Trust place, because there I could be fed with cake.  I was, frankly, more bother than either of our children.  I would whine and bitch, all the way there, and all the way back.  But since we moved, I have discovered quiet lanes and well maintained bridleways.  I have also discovered hills, and the joy of making it to the top without getting off to push (although I do wonder whether husband could be persuaded to carry oxygen tanks for me).  So now, doing 14 miles is fine – the most I’ve done is 27 miles, and I enjoyed every second.  Even the killer hill out of Stockbridge.

I’ll never class myself as a cyclist.  I’m not fit enough. I do wear the lycra (sorry to all my friends who now have an unbearable image and need mind bleach).  But I like cycling.  Which is a minor miracle.

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