Crimes against humanity?

Like many people, I’ve been hearing the news out of Syria for months now.  Daily stories of death, wounding, fighting have appear in my Twitter feed, and increasingly emails are arriving from campaigning organisations.  The BBC is pushing the news back up the running order.  And now we see the latest article from the BBC with its chilling headline to the effect the ‘The killing of 100 civilians may be a crime against humanity”.

What’s shocking here?  
Is it that the UN Observers did not prevent the killing?  Not if you’re familiar with their remit.  There are up to 300 observers, with an entire country to “patrol”, and their presence is supposed to bring calm.  They can’t be everywhere. 
Is it that 100 civilians have been killed?  If you’ve seen the weaponry, and the footage of towns that have been involved in the fighting, no.  Many more than 100 civilians have died.  

No, the thing that shocks me is use of that tiny word “may”.  Many have died, more have been wounded.  Each person hurt or killed by violence from another person has suffered a crime against their humanity.  When did numbers make it worse?


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