One year on

It’s nearly a year since I was ordained priest in the Church of England, and the priesting of the next “crop” approaches rapidly.  Here’s what I wrote then about it, one week later.  A year in, and it feels less fraught, but the juxtapositions still happen regularly.  It is a privilege to share so many joys and sorrows with so many people.  

I love the occasional offices, meeting people where they are, helping them articulate where God is in their lives at particular points.  And I enjoy the routine bits too, the events that mark each week, each month.  But I was caught by surprise on Thursday evening at Parish Communion.  I wasn’t presiding, I read Isaiah 6, which is the Old Testament lectionary reading for Trinity Sunday.  It’s the story of the commissioning of Isaiah, and I found myself welling up with emotion as I read it out.  I’d been wondering when the enormity of Priesting would hit me – I had assumed it would happen at first presidency, at Christmas or at Easter.  And it didn’t.  So I had concluded I must have assimilated it gradually.  I was wrong.  But I’m so glad it happened in a service where I could just ‘be’ instead of leading, where no-one would notice.  

This year hasn’t been a year of step changes, that was my Deacon’s year.  This year has been about evolution, about growing into myself.  When I grow up, I’d like to be the priest God wants me to be.


5 responses to “One year on

  1. erm, you can be a bunch of beautiful flowers if you want Ange! But flowers wilt and die – seeds get planted and grow (late save??)

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