With a little help…

Here’s some of the encouraging things people have said to me within the last few days….

One of the most encouraging people in the world
with one of the many people he encouraged

very much empathize
you don’t have to explain
[There are] 7 billion [personality] types and counting
I *love* maps… (shelf-fulls of them in my study & 1st thing I buy when in new place!)
I am sure that what you write will resonate with all of us

They are all affirming – some are of the “yes, that’s how we feel/what we think” variety, others are telling me “you are uniquely you, and are allowed to think/feel as you do”.

Between them they fulfil two needs – to be like everyone else and to be myself.  I like to feel I belong, I know that I am unique.  

So thank you to all my encouragers, quoted or not, this St Barnabas Day, I appreciate you very much indeed, and will continue to do my best to encourage others. 

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