Just one day

Today I have had a typical day in the life of a Curate.  It went, do domestic stuff, Morning Prayer, catch up with TI and Administrator, school assembly, work for MA, choose hymns, meet wedding couple to show them church, tea, tennis, bed.  

None of it was intrinsically difficult, but it is surprising how much the emotional temperature varies on an ‘average’ day.  There is my normal early Monday morning temperature (about -273 deg celsius before coffee).  Schoolchildren are concerned about future changes, and are more restless than usual – I have to stay calm, and it takes me time to let go of stored tension.

Listening to an interview I had recorded last week with a parishioner inspires me both academically and will some practical ideas.   Reading a couple of blogs in between times (I’m easily distracted when transcribing a recording!) reminded me of times in my life when I’ve been subject to changes, and that I will be expected to initiate change in the future.  

Choosing hymns means not only revisiting music I love, but also music which transports me back to difficult times.  Looking at a sermon means I remember those who are being priested and deaconed this week and next, with all the ups and downs emotionally that causes.  Showing a wedding couple round their church is exciting – their joy is infectious.  I get home, have tea, watch tennis, and belatedly remember I have forgotten to arrange a funeral visit – but tomorrow will be fine for that.  

 Today hasn’t been a pastoral kind of day, I haven’t seen many people.  But it’s still been a day that is exhilarating and scary and fun and God-filled.


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