This Sporting Life

I spend hours being scathing as people follow their sport of choice.  And then June arrives.  Yes, Wimbledon has started.  Family retreat between 8 and 9 pm every night as I catch up on the day’s play.  For two weeks each year, I join the ranks of sofa based sporting experts, able to play every shot, comment on every cross court angle and generally act like any other sports fan.

There are no limits to my tennis skills.  The fact that in real life I have all the racquet skills of a two-toed sloth on sleeping tablets is neither here nor there.  For this two weeks I’m the best pundit in the land.

We often debate about the different faces we present on social media, compared to how we are in “real life” when physically present.  But however diplomatic I may be on Twitter, no matter how measured my words may be here on my blog, the difference between my social media persona and ‘me’ is minute compared with the difference between Tennis Claire and ‘me’.  But don’t worry, it’s for two weeks only.    


3 responses to “This Sporting Life

  1. Thanks for making me smile 🙂 I can just imagine Tennis Claire and would make much more interesting commentary 😉

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