Two very special things

Tomorrow two things are happening which have been in my diary for months.  One is a wedding in one of our churches in the Benefice, the other is the Ordination to the Priesthood of my fellow curate from the Benefice, at the Cathedral in the evening.

A wedding and an ordination are both events which are special points in people’s lives.  They change the people concerned – or perhaps more accurately they acknowledge changes in those people, before God and before the community. 

But it occurs to me that these particular events are very special in my life too.  I am not getting married – I am the officiating priest at the wedding.  I am not being ordained – but I will be one of those laying hands on those to be ordained.  Somehow, I am part of what is happening to them, at these important moments.  This time last year I was not authorised to do either of those things – instead I was joyfully stepping through the hours to my own ordination to the priesthood.  This year I am to do the work of the priest – to try to articulate lived reality to those congregations, and to point out the action of God in all our lives.  

No wonder I’m excited about it!



4 responses to “Two very special things

  1. These things ARE excitiing, and it is a real privilege to be involved with people at these important points in their lives. I have two weddings tomorrow, though no ordinations to attend this year. Enjoy!

  2. I'm viewing tomorrow's ordination knowing that in three years, I'll be the one “stepping through the hours to my own ordination to the priesthood” having been deaconed (hopefully) in two years time. I've been to several before (both for deacons and for priests) but never anticipated one with the sense of nervous excitement that I sense this year, when I know I shall be engaged in the service in a wholly new way. At this rate I'll be a little hyper in three years time! You have been warned, because I expect you to be there too 😉

  3. I'll be there even if I'm not invited, bursting out of the congregation and running up the aisle to join the laying of hands. Looking forward to it already!

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