Wow.  It’s a word I don’t use all that often, but it got used a lot yesterday.  I posted here about what going to happen, and now it’s all done.

The wedding was joy from beginning to end.  Everyone arrived a bit early, even the bride, the church was packed in a happy snug way (as opposed to a grumbling “I can’t see” way, even though I’m sure lots of people couldn’t), the children all pattered about contentedly at our feet without being underfoot, the photographer was polite and well-behaved, the readers read beautifully, everybody listened and shared and sang.  There was much “feasting and laughter, pleasure and delight”.  I would have been wearing my very huge grin even if I hadn’t then gone to Winchester for the priestings…….

Where I met up with friends young but known (I’ll get shouted at if I say old because they aren’t) and friends known through Twitter, but never before met face to face.  Which was delight in itself – but then we all moved over to the cathedral, and the clergy among us got into our working festival garb…..and don’t we look festive?  The service was sheer joy (I had the unusual opportunity, because of me seat virtually under the pulpit, of looking up the preacher’s nose, so spent most of the sermon looking at the roof instead.  I did listen honest!).  It is such a short time since I was priested, and it was wonderful to share in the service as a Priest laying on hands.  I didn’t want it to end, but finally we all left the riot on the South Lawn, and made our ways back.  

My grin remained intact driving back down the M3 (and there can’t be many people who’ve driven the bottom of the M3 in that state, it is a very bad-tempered motorway) and then back to the post-Ordination party of the curate from the Benefice.  More fun, and begin in walking distance I decided I’d earned my glass or two of red.

And this morning, I preached, as he presided for the first time at Holy Communion.  Another Wow.  I’d had difficulty writing the sermon, and had concluded it didn’t want to be written, it wanted to be preached, so I drew it instead.  In my former life I used to speak off notes a lot, but it’s the first time I haven’t had a written out sermon in two years.  

I’d prayed at the start “May my words be inspired by the Holy Spirit, may all our thoughts be to the Glory of God, and may our feet walk in the Way of Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Wow.  It worked.  I thought I was over excited, but actually, I was excited just exactly the right amount.

And then, to top off a splendiferous morning, lots of the wedding party from yesterday came to Holy Communion.  How great is that?


5 responses to “Wow!

  1. Like you, but going the other way on the M3, we grinned all the way home, late into the evening (no ordination party here, but a lot of conversation never the less) and on into the next day.

    I have been to a number of ordinations (deaconings and priestings) and it was amazing the difference in my connection to the liturgy, the sermon, in prayer and to the participants was made by the fact that I have been recommended for training. Three years from now, that could be me you'll be laying hands on!

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