A dose of reality

On this momentous day in the good old Church of England I’ve done some momentous things. I’ve done my best to ignore the debate today about when the vote should be held on Female Bishops at General Synod. I’ve given you the pleasure of my view before so won’t again.

I’ve so far rewritten a funeral address, written a  first draft proposal for placement (part of my Curate Training), said Morning Prayer with my colleagues, hoovered the sanctuary carpet (who know how much crud could accumulate under a ‘moveable’ organ), chauffeured son, queued in the Co-op (yes, had a couple of chats while I was there ), tried and failed to stay off Twitter during the Bishop debate, conducted a funeral where I was still finding the full extent of tribute givers as the coffin came out of the hearse, and come to hospital for a routine appointment with DD (No cause for alarm whatsoever), and drafted half a sermon in the hospital waiting room. I’ve been doing normal stuff while others debate the future of episcopy in the Church. 

But somehow, doing the normal stuff is important. Being a visible presence in the community, matters. Lots of people will be reading media reports of a church tearing itself apart.  I don’t subscribe to that view. But for the population at large, seeing business as usual matters.  If priests, bishops and deacons are to be treated as normal, whoever they are, then being seen to do normal things matters. People’s expectations are modified by their experience. So the more Deacons, Priests and Bishops who carry on living out their called realities, the better.

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