Celebration – A thank you!

Thank you.  Thank you for being here and reading this.  I am celebrating my 101st Blog Post on Revd Claire, and a (very few!) of you have been with me through them all.  I would have celebrated 100, but I’m as rubbish at remembering significant numbers as I am at remembering birthdays (sorry, again, you know who you are), we are celebrating 101.  

I enjoy writing this blog.  If you enjoy reading it that’s a bonus,thank you, and to those of you who comment on in, either here, on Twitter or on Facebook, thank you even more.  It’s the only way I can tell whether people are reading it or just wandering on to it hoping for wisdom, and leaving very fast.

I do keep an eye on the statistics, and they indicate that more people read each post these days than I preach to on a Sunday.  That’s quite remarkable, and possibly explained by the fact that I deliberately don’t post sermons!

You might wonder why this celebratory post has a picture of a puddle, rather than a glass of red, or even a malt.  I took myself for a walk yesterday, and this is a picture of the puddle I slipped into (after the event).  There wasn’t a way round it, so I clung to the fence you can see on the left of the picture, and predictably slid down in the mud, and ended up knee deep in water, and judging by the start of my boots as I pulled myself out, ankle deep in mud.  I’d probably have got less wet if I’d swum through.  Being me, I found this very funny, and so any random passing creature would have witnessed the strange sight of a very bedraggled woman killing herself laughing as she strode on up the hill.  Someone has already described this event as “suspiciously Vicar of Dibley”.  I met a couple at the top of the hill who were doing the same circuit in reverse, and warned them about the puddle.  They were pristinely clean.  I assumed the paths would be fine from there on, but was wrong.  I have no idea how I end up looking like a mudlark dragged through a hedge backwards whenever I go for a walk even in the finest conditions, and really no idea how other people maintain that “straight from the outdoor shop” look.   

I think it’s down to the fact that faced with the unknown, I tend to dive in, knowing that on the whole, in the long run, ignoring the immediate discomfort, things tend to turn out OK.  Some people in the past have described me as “lucky”.  But I think some of that comes from not taking myself too seriously, knowing that it’s OK to fail now and again, and that falling into a puddle is not the end of the world.  God stays the same throughout, and I hope has a good giggle watching me as I flounder on.  

Happy 101st, looking forward to celebrating 200 (ish) with you in a year or two.    
With love and every blessing

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