Crisis? What Crisis?

It was this Saturday morning I realised there were two possible sets of readings for tomorrow.  Seventh Sunday after Trinity, or the feast of Mary Magdalene.  I’d been reading for Trinity 7.  Our rota, which I checked, had Mary Magdalene all over it.  This is the fastest “sermon” I have written (drawn?).  But drawing it really helped me to make the connections between the readings in a way that trying to write linearly would not have been as clear to me.  

This one only has to be preached three times!  

A special thank you to @aliaswhensmile and @fibrefairy, without whom I would have been well and truly scuppered.  

3 responses to “Crisis? What Crisis?

  1. Wow, I wish that I could work in that way.

    I've seen others do it, I suspect it needs practise to visualise and than build the story you wish to tell.

    Must have a go sometime – when the Vicar lets me. 🙂

  2. I used to talk of notes at lot in my former career – never wrote out presentations at all, so speaking to slides, or drawing diagrams as I go feels more natural. Speaking to a mind map is different again, but it makes it very easy to adapt a sermon by expanding on particular branches (or omitting some). It also give more freedom with words, so I suspect sounds more natural.

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