Exceedingly Good, Mr Kipling

No, not the cakes chap.  The other one.   You know,  The Jungle Book, Rewards and Fairies, Kim, Boots boots boots boots.  That’s the one.  The one who wrote “If”.   Him.

I’ve just been on a very pleasant cycle ride with OH.  The weather was gorgeous, the hills were steep up and down, my lungs mostly coped and the pub was a welcome interlude in a very lovely excursion.  We rode up to Farley Mount, concluding on the way that our tyres aren’t aggressive enough for coping with a lot of mud (cycling sideways is one of those things I find entertaining in retrospect, but not while it’s happening).

We concluded something else on the way too.  As we drew to a halt for water at the top of a hill, I carefully unclipped my left foot.  And then tried to put my right foot down.  Yes, yet again, I performed a Revd Claire Comedy Dismount, due to my rather clever “clip shoe to pedal” cycling arrangement.  So I ground to a halt and tilted gently into the leaves of the  (slightly) welcoming verge.  No nettles, or brambles this time, just a fair number of hazel shoots.  On the other hand there was a very worried OH.  Once we’d established that I was largely unharmed, he pointed out a sad fact.  Most people who try SPD (aka Comedy Dismount) pedals have heart stopping near misses.  A few fall off once.  I have so far fallen off because of my pedals five times.  Since Easter.  That’s Easter this year.  We have concluded that I am not the most physically co-ordinated person on this earth.

But on the other hand, I’ve had loads of fun with SPD pedals.  They make hills less effort, they keep me in a better riding position, hey make me more confident, all in all I’m much better with them.  So I think Mr (R) Kipling had a point – I meet riding and comedy dismounts just the same!  


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