Vanity vanity

Someone suggested that in order to be incognito in the Benefice, all I have to do is not wear my make up.  There is only one snag with this suggestion, which is that I very seldom ever wear any make up at all.  No foundation, no eyeliner, no lippy, no mascara, nothing.  The only time I wear make up for “work” is for weddings, where the brides have made such efforts that I feel I should too.  

I never meant not to wear makeup.  It was banned at school, in the days when good girls took notice of rules like that.  When I went to university, I needed to disappear in the crowd, not stand out, so I only wore it for special occasions.  When I started work, it was on a power station – coal dust and ash got everywhere, it was very hot, makeup would never have stood a chance.  And by then I was in my mid-twenties and out of the habit.  I have saved a great deal of time and money over the years.  

When I wear make up, it feels strange.  The feel of it on my skin bothers me.  I have to remember not to touch my face.  And of course there’s the look of it.  Because I use it so seldom, I am not an expert at applying it.  Every couple of years I visit a posh makeup counter for a “daytime makeup” demonstration, just so I keep up with changes a bit, otherwise I’d still be applying highlighter and lowlighter blusher – and if you remember how red that made you…!

But not wearing makeup has advantages.  I know exactly what I look like.  I can see the wrinkles as I age, I’m glad that my laughter lines are more prominent than my frown lines.  I have so many freckles that they have all joined together.  And I’m comfortable with my face.  

Not wearing makeup, something that started as keeping a rule, and then as a matter of practicality, has become my own little rebellion in a material world.  And of course, when I do wear it (and note I am not wearing makeup in the photo) I look noticeably wonderful.


14 responses to “Vanity vanity

  1. I have to say that make up can actually be harmful to those with sensitive skin 😦

    My spouse only wears makeup when we go out, and than very sparingly, she dislikes all of the foundation and other stuff that many wear, because it irritates her skin.

    And, the only time I've worn makeup was once when I was asleep and she applied it to me for ignoring her. 🙂

  2. I gave up lipstick when I started wearing dresses for living. However, let it now be stated here that you are now The Blogger's Brioche (the role of crumpet is already owned, sorry)

  3. I can't help noticing all the comments are from men explaining their (mostly minimal) use of make up. Have I touched a nerve?

  4. Had thought that wearing black sjirts I might need to wear make up to look healthy- but after 2 days of work found it too much of a faff and actually didn't notice much difference! May wear it when I come to take a wedding next year though.

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