Core Skills

It’s been a glorious couple of weeks.  No, not the weather.  It is August after all.  But I’ve had time off.  Real proper time off, real ignore-the-phone don’t-answer-email keep-a-low-profile time off.  In bulk.  

And what have I done with this valuable time?  Have I read worthy books, sorted the garden from fence to fence, spent constructive leisure time?  Erm, well, not really.  I’ve done all sorts of useful things – but on the whole I have been concentrating on developing a core skill.  Doing nothing.  

I’ve done things in between doing nothing.  We’ve been away, come home, domestic duties have been performed as required.  And I’ve knitted and watched DVDs and read daft books (1000 Years of Annoying the French is surprisingly educational).  I’ve chatted to friends, I’ve sorted out bedrooms with children, I’ve been to the tip and the charity shop…..

But doing nothing is glorious.  I have given myself permission to mooch about, to stare into space, to do things slowly.  I’ve paid attention to little things around me.  I’ve wandered up roads I’ve never been along before.  I’ve slowed down.  I really needed some slow time, and I feel a lot better for it.  Less stressed, less worried, calmer, dare I say happier too?

Now I’m counting down before I speed up again at the end of the week.  Normal service will be resumed….eventually.    


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