Live and Learn

I’ve learned or re-learned a lot this week. 

1.  I cannot walk away from someone in distress unless I know that someone else is looking after them.  
2.  If I spend all day dealing with people in pastoral situations, I need an couple of hours to myself to recover.
3.  The more I accept and love myself as I am, the more other people accept and love me the way I am.
4.  I can do things I never thought possible. 
5.  Although technically incompetent, in spite of an Engineering degree, I can sort out all sorts of bits and pieces on websites, provided I am methodical.  
5.  Wearing a wrap around skirt in a windy car park means I reveal more leg than is appropriate in a curate.
6.  People do double-takes when they to see a woman in a black clerical shirt and a red skirt standing at a bus stop in town eating a scone.
7.  When I am trying to be myself whilst being a priest, people relate to me more quickly and more deeply than if I try to be something I not.  
8.  Young puppies are huge fun and lots of work.  
9.  The M3 is a more bad tempered motorway than the M42.  
10. Being called by God and following that call is costly and hard.  But for me, being a priest is the best way of life in the world.  

Oh, and few problems cannot be overcome given a good friend and plenty of coffee.  

5 responses to “Live and Learn

  1. I like the last, un-numbered one best. Seriously, though, I am not surprised you are getting lots of hits – perhaps someone recommended you? Can you tell on this what referrals to the site you have had and where from (one of the advantages of Word Press)?
    Anyway, I think this is great, and have shared on twitter and google+

  2. Thanks Laura – I've discovered the rise is due to changing to Dynamic Views, which means that Blogger can count each page view properly. I've also linked to Google Analytics, which means I know how many people visit the site. So I haven't gone viral (thank goodness, the thought was making me nervous). Many thanks for sharing this!

    And yes, I agree, I think the last is probably the most important, and have had some great examples this week of just talking things through – helps to sort out my mental maps.

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