Off and on….

A calm space in the middle of the week.  Respite.  Downtime.  It’s my Day Off.

It’s been busy.  I met a stranger today, because a friend asked me too.  It turned out to be a lively, happy couple of hours meeting and making a new friend.  Then I had to take DD to an appointment – again, all went smoothly.  I’ve cut the grass, cleared up, sorted the washing (still got the ironing to do) and need to prepare for a meeting tonight.

Ah, yes.  A meeting on my day off.  Not ideal, I grant you.  I am not the first clergyperson to whom this has happened, I won’t be the last.  And I want to go to this particular one – it’s about our website, and how to make it more user friendly.

So it’s all productive useful stuff.  But this particular INTJ curate is a bit knackered and really needs some recovery time in a darkened room.  (This time the legs in the photograph are mine!)    

4 responses to “Off and on….

  1. Sad that your day off is interrupted by a meeting, whether you want to go. It's still work related and a little unfair.

    Time challenged at the best of times, I always feel that Clergy 24/7 presence and availability is over the top. Peoples expectations are the issue, they think that you are the fourth emergency service, or fifth if they are unchurched.

    I see my Vicar and Curate's diaries as we share them on our weekly parish staff meetings, I often wonder how they fit in time for family and friends, there's something special about clergy, perhaps unlimited patience, or just the ability to grit their teeth and get on with it. Not sure that the reality of Clergy working and family life stresses are that obvious to those outside the circle.

  2. Thank you Claire.
    How are you finding the new dynamic view? Does it affect page views? I returned to it after a week of 'simple view'; my page views had definitely dropped off!

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