The trouble with God…

…is that in a two way relationship, God not only listens but speaks back to me.  And if I listen, it’s hard to avoid what God has to say.  And if I do avoid it, past experience indicates it will just get repeated in so many different ways from so many different directions, that I might as well shut up and get on with it now.   

If only I could detect what “it” is.  I remember describing the first inklings of my call to ordained ministry as a dreadful sense of urgency, I just didn’t know what to be urgent about.  Now I recognise the fizzy, can’t sit still, got to do it NOW feeling, but once again, don’t know what I’m meant to be doing.   

Maybe it isn’t the trouble with God, maybe it’s the trouble with me…..


3 responses to “The trouble with God…

  1. Do you spend time consciously listening for God, or just like to be taken by surprise when you hear or find him in something that happens, or someone who says something that resonates strongly.

    I find that he seems to speak to me more at night than during the day, through dreams, I think of them as signs. And the more I learn and grow, the more explicit the dreams become.

    Moving forward into a new mission based role in my parish in the next few months has increased those dreams and they seem targeted. Not sure what it all means yet, but exciting discerning something like that, when it becomes clear.

    Always discuss them with my SD who has a knack of insight to bring out some aspect of them which he sees that I might be missing.

    God is pretty talkative lots of the time, choosing dreams seems strange as I could never remember them before. Now, I remember them all.

    Someone I spoke to about this said that it was just my imagination, I just thought, if God chooses my imagination to communicate, who am I to naysay it.

    Happy dreaming 🙂

  2. I try to spend time consciously listening – empty my head out prayerfully and see what God puts in. Then see if it is confirmed elsewhere, otherwise it can turn into self talking to self. Never spend enough time though. SD vital.
    I never remember my dreams unless I am very relaxed and on holiday. So it's no use God trying that way with me!

  3. Thanks Claire. I try the quiet stillness as well. But seem to just hear silence. Which is good and restful in itself. Tried meditation but again, to much world going on in my mind, makes me restive.

    The dream thing started as soon as I returned to Christianity and has continued. Before I went to BAP, I wrote about it in documentation for the Diocesan Panel, and when interviewed by the Spirituality person, she encouraged me to continue to try to work out what it was all about.

    She was quite evangelical, but had no doubt that if we are open to things, we will receive signs in many different ways.

    I don't take it for granted though, and write down things that occur to me about them, which helps when I talk to my SD about them.

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