Feeling the fear

Tomorrow I am preaching twice and presiding at Holy Communion twice.  Nothing strange there.  0800 Preside at BCP HC and preach a short homily, 0930 preside and my Training Incumbent will preach. The gig that has me worried is preaching at Evensong.  I’ve done it before, plenty of times.  But not at Winchester Cathedral, which is where I’ll be at 3.30pm tomorrow.   

I’ve preached to a couple of hundred people before.  It’s not the numbers, it’s the context that has me scared.  There will be a lot of people there who know a lot more than me about life and God.  It seems to me is all I can do is be myself, preach as I normally would, and have faith that God will ensure people hear what they need to hear regardless of what I say.  I’ll let you know how it goes…..


6 responses to “Feeling the fear

  1. [*] for the Gig at Winchester Cathedral.

    I've never had to preach, but the Vicar want's me to start with Homilies at Matins or Evensong 😦 As I've not had any training, I have said I shouldn't be doing it until training. Which will be next year now, as we missed the boat for the start of this year's courses in September.

    Hope they all go well and that you come home affirmed that the Spirit was with you all along.

  2. Thanks so much for comments and support everyone, I've put a link above to how it went – which was considerably better than how it would have gone without you!

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