Parcelled up

Two days of curate training, and I’m feeling a bit boxed in, wrapped up and thoroughly labelled.  There’s nothing wrong with labels until they are over used, over emphasised, or used in a lazy way without acknowledging the limitations.  According to Myers-Briggs I am a strong T – which means I make my decisions through logic, not by relying on my emotions.  However, this doesn’t mean I don’t have strong feelings, doesn’t mean I can’t empathise with how others feel, it just means that I will place greater weight on logical process than on the feelings that I or others have.  I often joke that I have all the pastoral sensitivity of a brick. But that’s not true, although it may appear so if I articulate my decision making process.

After two days with people, as a good “I” I’m worn out.  But I’m more and more aware that this T has feelings too.  


4 responses to “Parcelled up

  1. Interesting. INTJ? Lots of Clergy are introverts. When I did Myers Briggs our DDO came with us. He turned out to be an introvert, and I turned out to be marginal ENFP, which I now realise should have been INFP. But, perhaps I'm deceiving myself?

    But being locked away for days with your lovely colleagues – must be an opportunity to be more INFJ than normal.

    I'm still of the view that if Clergy have Chapter, why don't the Laity in Ministry teams have something similar. It would be very useful, as those in ministry in a single church or benefice can feel quite isolated.

    And, even better, retreats like yours might help them to resource and refresh their ministry – wonder if the Vicar fancies sending the Ministry Team to the Holy Land next year?….

  2. Thanks for comment, appreciated.
    No, being locked away with people doesn't let me be more INTJ than usual – my “I” struggles when with many people, and functions far better in very small groups (ie 1-2-1) or alone. Having to be part of a group of more than half a dozen takes a great deal of energy.

    This was Curate training, so for those with whom I was ordained, not Chapter, or ministry teams. And it certainly didn't feel like a retreat to me – my ideal retreat involves no other people apart perhaps from shared worship, and a great deal of silence, not a sharing of experience.

    it was a pleasure to be with my fellow curates and incumbents and to share experience, and all teams benefit from time together like this, away from the job. The challenge is to find the time, and find the format that works for your team!

  3. Hi Claire,
    You may enjoy these Myers Briggs Stats:
    Not sure if it's entirely helpful for you to know that female INTJs are the rarest personality combination at 0.8%, closely followed by my female ENTJs at 0.9%…
    maybe that makes us 'special'!

    Anyway, must go and do my essay, rather than this 🙂
    Hope you get to have some time away from the rabble in what remains of the week.

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