Struggling less…

I’m starting to get a grip again, to talk to a few different people about how I’m feeling now, and how I was feeling before.  For me this is extraordinarily difficult, I worry about how much I put on people. But no-one seemed fazed, no-one backed away, no-one said “if you have feelings like this, you are unloveable”.  I am on the way back to normality, I can deal with life again.  But huge thanks to those who have listened and coped, those who have sent messages of support, and special prayers for those who recognise what I have described these past couple of days.

I wondered quite hard how open to be about where I have been.  But it seems to me that I am not alone, I am not unusual, and that being down is as valid a state as coping beautifully.  The more people who talk about this, the more normal it becomes, and the easier it is to seek support, from wherever seems sensible.  

Do not be afraid. 


3 responses to “Struggling less…

  1. Claire, that is really good to hear.

    Still praying, just in case of setbacks. When I was getting well, somebody might say something, or something would happen to darken the day. But these episodes became fewer and fewer as I had learned to cope with them.

  2. Superwoman doesn't exist. She is a comic-book construct.

    The real woman, the real, human, heart-beating person, is always precious and loveable.

    Speaking from both sides of the equation, as a giver and as a receiver, to be “put upon” is to be needed, to have a worth, to have your friendship acknowledged. To be allowed to help someone in their time of need is an honour and a privilege.

    To speak the truth is to open the doors for many others who thought that they were alone or weak or inadequate, but discover, through your honesty, that they are “normal”, that doubt, despair, sadness, depression, are normal, and, hopefully, transient states.

    Respect! to you for speaking out. Prayers that you will soon emerge, blinking, into the warmth and sunlight again.

  3. Thank you so much, appreciated. I am slowly emerging with much blinking and the occasional retreat back, but for me, once I have recognised where I am, recovery is usually pretty rapid. Support helps and is gratefully received.

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