Interfaith dialogue – on my day off too!

I went for a walk and nothing funny happened.  No puddles, no mad dogs, no removal of trousers, all was very normal for me, except it wasn’t.  

I was at Stonehenge, a world heritage site, one of those places that I’ve always wanted to go to, but never got around to it. I used to have a Ladybird book about it when I was little, which I loved. I’ve seen the pictures, read a fair bit about it, watched the programmes so thought I might as well go and take a look.

I had always heard how small it was, but my brain had obviously overcompensated.  And in spite of all the tourists (on a Tuesday in November) it had a power of its own. I didn’t expect to feel as though I was walking into a cathedral – but I did. Stonehenge felt like a place of prayer. It was built before the pyramids (according to carbon dating) and it felt like coming home.  I prayed my way around it, and felt its solemnity and joy.

I was on my way out when I met a lady wearing a long blue dress, black cloak, and fake flowers in her hair.  So I, entirely out of character, said “Blessings, sister” – not my standard method of approach admittedly.  She explained she was a shaman, gifted in the ways of time.  Me, I’ll talk to anyone, but was surprised when she handed me her staff (with its carved goats head), said “lean on that and see what you feel”.  I have no idea whether I am susceptible to suggestion (probably!), but instantly felt very very warm.  As she got me to turn it so that the head faced in different directions, I could feel a force pushing me, really rather hard, in the direction the head was facing.  When she finally got me to turn it so I was looking at the goat face on, the force shifted to within me, running straight into the ground.  Weird.  She looked me up and down, announced “you’re healed” and that my relationship with time was shifted so that I was now able to be me, in the present.  

This may or may not have been so much mumbo jumbo, but it made sense to me.  We talked about connections to earth and land and standing in gaps.  And given I’ve always had a strong relationship with the land I call home, it made sense to me that healing involved reconnection with the ground. Christians may well be outraged that receiving communion has not been healing enough over the past couple of weeks, that something else may have made a difference – but I reckon God moves in mysterious ways and is well able to use all means to hand.   

I went for a walk afterwards, over to the barrows.  The whole landscape is just remarkable, and I felt a great sense of peace (although that is why I walk in the first place).  Don’t know what anyone else would make of this, but I think this was a day well spent.  


3 responses to “Interfaith dialogue – on my day off too!

  1. What a fantastic experience Claire. I can easily believe that you felt what you say you did. I think some people are more 'tuned in' to other influences than the obvious ones.
    This may, as you say, sit oddly with some Christian thinking, but this is an old world and some of us have better antennae than others.
    It sounds a wonderful day.

  2. Yes, I'm aware my antennae are tuned to something that sometimes gives “different” experiences. I always learn something about the world and my place in it from them….

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