Apathetic and apoplectic

Couldn’t be arsed.  No-one asked me what I wanted.  It wouldn’t make any difference even if I did.  Yes, that’s my entirely without evidence (qualitative or quantitative) summary of the PCC election.

No, strike that.  It’s my (EWE[QorQ]) summary of any PCC election.  In fact, any Parochial Church Council, Parish Council, Borough Council, County Council election.  And therein lies the trouble don’t you know.  Because if everyone thinks they don’t make a difference no-one votes at all, and “they” run the country without reference to “us” at all.  The gap gets wider, the polemic gets stronger, and no-one gets involved in the running unless they have an axe to grind.  

And so we end up in a situation where those who have no voice are ever more deprived, and we are offered a choice of candidates to do a job that most people don’t understand or want (EWE[QorQ] again).

What does it look like if we try to do it differently?  How do we give voices to the voiceless?  Because if we do, we may not like what we hear.  I’m a good woolly liberal, I don’t want to hear the voice that says “I don’t want them from overseas” or the one which says “man and woman, the only way” or the one which says “men are worth more than women” or any other number of myriad voices which add to discourses I disagree with or find distasteful or downright wrong?  What about the ones which enrage me?  

Because either we give everyone a voice, or no-one.  We either equip people to make the decisions and trust them, or take the ability to decide away.

But what makes me apoplectic is when that loss of voice happens by gradual, one-voice-at-a-time, creeping apathy.    

“Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as in heaven”


2 responses to “Apathetic and apoplectic

  1. Phew! Well now we know where you stand Claire (I think)!
    While my views are pretty much the same as yours while maybe a tad more radically 'left'
    I am one of those who “couldn't be arsed” about this Thursdays hustings.
    Does anyone at all actually know what this new post is supposed to be about? If so, I've yet to hear anything which inspires me with any kind of confidence that we actually need yet another 'head' of police type post.
    Can we afford them?
    Do we need them?
    More importantly, who the heck are they?

  2. I heartily agree with you about having no idea what the point is of the post, or of expecting me to know who is the best choice to fill it if it is necessary or sensible to have such folk.

    I worry that as people disengage with the “bigger” elections, elections like this farcical one may become more common – politicians seeking to claim what they do is “the will of the people”.

    But it takes so much education to cast a vote sensible- and since changing job and life, I have stopped assuming that people can read. Literally. So expecting them to be online and have the research skills is barking madness. It doesn't mean that they are unable to understand issues or make important choices, they do that every day of their lives. But those who cannot read are just one example of people disconnected and disenfranchised.

    The thing that scares me is I can't see an obvious solution – I am merely called to love God and love my neighbour as myself. Trying to see how that works out in this context, and it isn't easy.

    Oh dear, another rant, sorry Ray, and thanks so much for comment.

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