Feeding my inner geek

Although we’ve had a few “entertaining” moments this week, involving a couple of trips to A&E, there’s been quite a lot of loveliness too…..

Darling Son won the prize for art at his GCSE Presentation Evening … and we collected his portfolio from his old school.  I hadn’t seen his work all together until today – and we have now put it up in our dining room, it’s too good to leave gathering dust in the loft.  Well, I would say that, wouldn’t I?  Judge for yourselves.

And on Friday there was time to talk to friends, greatly valued.

Yesterday I wandered about in an autumnal National Trust garden, and generally spent time with family eating, drinking and making merry – conscious of good wishes from many friends near and far.  

And today I visited an aircraft museum – not particularly an interest of mine, I don’t know one aircraft from another.  But I do love the engineering, and derived much pleasure from being close up and personal with the hinges of a folding wing (I’m told it was a De Haviland Sea Vixen, for those who understand such things.  Look at how the extra hinge is created as the wing is folded down into place – the hinge interlocks and the piston slides across to hold it in place.  I think that’s clever.  And beautiful.  

So happiness appears to be family, friends, good food (and drink!), and creation – of nature and of clever folk.  So much to be thankful for.  


One response to “Feeding my inner geek

  1. Glad it's been a good one!

    Given the subject matter, I really hope the dear young man draws from photographs, otherwise he must have had some hairy adventures last summer!

    Will happily watch old aircraft, cry when the Memorial Flight goes over, but can't get excited about hinges I'm afraid. But it takes all sorts to make a world 😉

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