Day 1 – Janathon

I’ve made my excuses on the Janathon page, read it if you want to know them!

Weather – sunny, 7 degrees, tiny breeze

Route – along the cycle path

Dogshit – 1, avoided successfully on way out, narrowly avoided on return

People who recognised me – unknown (I was next to a road)

People who recognised me and spoke/beeped/waved thus forcing me to acknowledge them – none

Breakfast – yes, weetabix and yoghurt (I’ve never liked cold milk)

AFO – not worn. This may have been a mistake

Enjoyment – 9/10: everything worked.

Colour of complexion on return – beetroot (don’t worry, this is normal after any exercise for me)

Plan – run 30 s walk 90 s for 20 mins

Runkeeper says I covered 1.33 miles in 19min 24 s.

Clerical collar – not worn

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