Bloody, bold and resolute

For someone who mostly doesn’t do New Year resolutions, I seem to have started a few things this January. I’ve joined Janathon (see elsewhere on this blog), so I have promised to “move with purpose” every day, if not actually run. I’ve affiliated to #twitfitclub, a small gaggle of tweeting gals who are resolved to change. I’ve started back with weightwatchers – I know they will help me shift the half stone I put on each winter as I comfort eat from clock change till Christmas.


It’s all very body centred somehow. What about spiritual life? I hear you cry. Are you not spending the hours from 0400 to 0700 on your knees in fervent prayer?  Erm, no. I’m not a morning person. I fall back asleep. But I have booked a couple of quiet days for 2013, and a course which I hope will work as a retreat in July. I didn’t take enough time out last year, and by November it showed. Me and God need time now and again. Just the four of us. Or two of us, depending on how particularly Trinitarian I feel.

But my main resolution is to be kind to myself. I’m hoping that this will rub off on the people around me – if I am kinder to me, I may be an easier person to be with. That kindness will take all sorts of forms – saying “no” now and again, spending time with those I love, reading more, walking away sometimes. More importantly, it will involve not beating myself up about the mistakes. Learn, yes. Beat up, no. Because if I am to grow, to be more the person I should be, I will have to take risks, get out of my comfort zone, try new things in new ways. Live life. But doing that means I will inevitably screw up right royally at some point. There will be fall out, and people may get hurt. I’d better be kind to them as well as to myself.



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