Day 3 – Janathon

Excuses link here, plus it was 0645 when I left the house, and I am NOT a morning person. I repeat, NOT a morning person.


Weather – Friggin’ dark, how should I know? I don’t think it was raining, but I had my eyes shut.

Food – “ran” before breakfast. BEFORE.  Yes, I know I’m shouty, but I’m a not a morning person, did I say?

AFO – not worn, trainers worn. Plasters over rubbed bits. Jury still can’t make up mind

Route – along my road. Well it was so dark, no-one was going to recognise me

Dogshit – nil. Too dark to see, but trainers don’t smell

Number of times cyclists mending punctures – one

Number of people who said “hello” – 3 (that’s everyone I met. This place may be quite big but it still thinks it’s a village)

Number of people who said “hello, oh hi Claire” – 1. That’s NOT supposed to happen.

Plan – follow Runkeepers very slow 20 minute interval plan with 5 min warm up.  60 s steady, 90 s slow. Don’t meet anyone I know

Distance 1.66 miles; Total time 25 min; pace 15.03 (you have no idea how chuffed I am with that. In addition, all my steady intervals were faster than my slow intervals!

Back/hip pain – too early for me to feel pain – no sense, no feeling.

Enjoyment – 9/10, loved lack of cars. Would have been 10 but for recognition issue. Getting out of bed -37/10

Shower – haven’t had it yet

Contortions to try to stretch calf muscle in leg with weird ankle – funny if there’d been an onlooker. There wasn’t.

Smugness level – Maximum, well it will be later. TOO EARLY

Clerical collar – not worn


6 responses to “Day 3 – Janathon

  1. What an absolute star. I’m still in dressing gown eating breakfast. Keep up the good work, it might motivate me.

  2. Hurrah for completing day 3. The advantage of early mornings is that you get it over and done with before your brain is sufficiently awake to try to stop you… I was nearly going to have to do 10 min at 5:50 today but have made an arrangement for a post-work run. Back to 06:15 tomorrow.

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