Day 4 – Janathon

Excuses link – actually no, I’m not going to post an excuses link today.  That may be a sign of progress, or that I think you’ll be fed up with me whinging by now. Although, it’s Day 4 and I’m still here. That’s a result! 


Weather – dry, cloudy. allegedly 10 degrees, but that wind was quite chilly until I got warmer.

Food – well after lunch. Could now eat a horse between two mattresses.

AFO – not worn. Trainers and thick socks seems to be the answer, along with wearing AFO at all other times when I walk in the day.  Jury is reaching a decision slowly. (AFO = ankle foot orthotic = plastic splint)

Route –  even further along the cycle path. I’m starting to wonder whether I might reach the motorway bridge one day.

Dogshit – nil. Thought I had acquired some, but turned out not. Delighted.

Number of times nearly run over by cyclists irritated by me “running” on their path – none

Number of times cyclists politely dinged bells or shouted a greeting at me, enabling me to leap into undergrowth – four

Number of times recognised – none (hurrah!)

Plan – follow Runkeepers very slow 20 minute interval plan with 5 min warm up.  60 s steady, 90 s slow. Apart from teh bit where I was running up a decent slope, all the steady was faster than all the slow. I don’t really cope with hills. True when I’m cycling too.

Back/hip pain – fine.

Enjoyment – 10/10.

Shower – hot

Distance 1.74 miles, time 25:40 (misjudged the turn around point slightly, but only slightly)

Average Pace 14.47 min/mile.  That’s more than 4mph. You have NO idea how proud I am of that. And you probably think I should be quite ashamed. I’m not, I am chuffed to bits.

Smugness level – Overload

Clerical collar – not worn

Deep profound thoughts whilst running – none. I can’t concentrate on breathing, staying upright, foot placement AND think higher thoughts all at the same time.  Although I did get a nice opening for Sunday’s sermon on the Three Wise Men visiting Jesus – Epiphany. What do you take as a present for a new baby?


3 responses to “Day 4 – Janathon

  1. Always a triumph when you can run and not see anyone you know, unfortunately each time I go out I see all my neighbours and as new to area they are the only ones I know! Darn

  2. I DO have profound thoughts whilst – trouble is I think they are adrenaline induced and I can never remember them by the time I get home…I’m really enjoying your blog too – bit disappointed there hasn’t been any dogshit yet….

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