Day 5 – Janathon

Excuses link here.  It’s been a difficult morning, and I really really didn’t want to go out.


Weather – Mizzle (that’s light drizzle, slightly wetter than mist, you know the sort of thing).

Food – “ran” grumped after lunch.

AFO – not worn, trainers worn. Plasters over rubbed bits. Jury still can’t make up mind

Route – Cycle path. Considered deviating into woods, but inviting downhill path would have meant ensuing uphill struggle

Dogshit – nil. I’m assuming this clean record can’t last, but a hearty thank you to the dog walkers of my village.

Number of cyclists  – two (both friendly)

Number of runners – one (don’t be silly, of course that doesn’t include me, I’m not a runner)

Number of motorcyclists overtaking on blind bends over whom I thought I was going to have to say “Prayers at Death” – one

Number of actual times I needed to say “Prayers at Death” – none

Number of people who said “hello” – three

Number of people who said “hello, oh hi Claire” – none (hurrah again)

Plan – follow Runkeepers very slow 20 minute interval plan with 5 min warm up.  60 s steady, 90 s slow.

How was it?  Grumpy. I felt quicker than I have so far, and then my legs started to ache and then I got competitive with myself, and I’m not yet fit enough to get competitive with myself so I was very cross. But this had as much to do with stuff from the morning, and things that await this afternoon. Church of England curates have to take their emotions somewhere, and mine came with me as I grumped. Just looked at segment times, and no wonder I felt quicker, I was.  But I still run more slowly up hills than I walk up them – is this in any way normal?

Distance 1.72 miles; Total time 25 min; pace 14:31, yes 14:31 that’s 14:31  At that rate I’d finish a 5K in less than 45 minutes (scoff all you want, for me running is a miracle)

Back/hip pain – none, but good knee twinging. This is a sign I am overusing it to compensate for rubbish ankle. More thought, and possible AFO tomorrow.

Enjoyment – 5/10, too many cars, not enough peace.

Shower – welcome

Smugness level – Rather high

Clerical collar – not worn


4 responses to “Day 5 – Janathon

  1. What an amazing blog! I liked the pic of your “boot” (I wear one too, see my Day 1 post). And your “personal history” is so interesting, truly a great story. Including a “smugness level” on your stats takes the cake, tho 🙂 Are priest allowed to be smug? Yes, thankfully! (P.S. I will try to watch my mouth on your comment page… giggle!) Have a wonderful Janathon & best of luck to all of us who juggle injuries while trying to make the most of ourselves 🙂

    • I very much doubt I’m allowed to be smug, but it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission! 🙂
      I wouldn’t worry too much about your mouth, I used to be an engineer, and have a range of language (still used more often than folk might expect) to match.

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