Day 8 – Janathon

Excuses link here.  Night in a strange bed, fine until about 3, then wide awake until 4am, having conversations in my head (that’s a really bad habit, much better to have them with the people concerned.) Up at 7am and straight out to “run”


Weather – dark. chilly, although I didn’t think so by the time I got back.

Food – Nothing. Zilch. Need breakfast. Need coffee!

AFO – not worn, trainers worn. Plasters over rubbed bits. Jury is concluding that if I wear AFO lots when not running, I can just about get away with running without it.

Route – Pavement alongside main road – the only flat route away from Gladstone Library.

Dogshit – nil. A huge shout out for the dog owners and walkers of Hawarden.

Number of cyclists  – two, both on pavement, both without lights. Unimpressed with Harwarden cyclists so far.

Number of people who said “hello” – two

Number of people who said “hello, oh hi Claire” – none (hurrah again)

Plan – follow Runkeepers very slow 20 minute interval plan with 5 min warm up.  90 s steady, 2 mins slow.

How was it?  That extra 30 seconds running meant I needed the extra recovery, but mostly OK.  Only expected immanent death once – lungs!

Distance 1.63 miles; Total time 26:06 min; pace 16:03, but think GPS didn’t appreciate me starting it as I left my room, so tracking for first couple of mins is weird. Slower pace unsurprising, but still steady intervals all quicker than slow.

Back/hip pain – going to have to watch hip….

Enjoyment – 7/10, different programme a shock to the system.

Shower – found a shared shower next door (I don’t mean shared at the same time! much better than bath.)

Smugness level – The Rev’d Claire Scale of Smugness will run from “Quite smug”, through “Quietly Smug”, “Nah Nah Na-Nah Nah”, “I’M SMUG”, “Ha in your face” to “Astronomically, Unpleasantly smug”.  Today, “Nah Nah Na-Nah Nah” is about right.

Clerical collar – not worn

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