Day 10 – Janathon

Excuses link here. Oh I felt like such a wuss today.  Knackered all morning doing churchy things, ages to do funeral prep that should have taken an hour tops……grateful to @Batty_Towers and @artsyhonker, without whom etc etc


Weather – Fine, 5 degrees.

Food – “ran” after lunch. Eventually

AFO – not worn, trainers worn. Plasters over rubbed bits. Seems to work

Route – Cycle path. Further along than I’ve run before.

Dogshit – nil. I’m beginning to wonder if the dogs I see don’t have bowels, an if so, may consider getting a dog.

Number of people – 1 runner, friendly. (All runners seem to be friendly. I assume this is because I constitute no threat to their PBs)

Number of people who said “hello, oh hi Claire” – none (hurrah again)

Plan – follow interval plan with 5 min warm up.  90 s steady, 120 s slow.

How was it?  Blimey that was  tough.  First time ever stopped before end of one steady interval – but had “run” up most of hill. Also have flash new armband for phone, so used headphones, put on playlist.

Playlist – requires considerable work. I have four main ones – Happy, Driving, Quiet and Odd Sods – tried Happy. Just because music makes me happy, doesn’t make it good to run or walk to.  I don’t recommend my current combo. I mean, Alice Cooper and Anastacia really don’t work.  Trust me.

Distance 1.97 miles that’s really nearly 2 miles – wow!; Total time 29:31 min (that’s really nearly half an hour); pace 14:58, yes that’s nearly two miles in less than half an hour.  My beloved Other Half has just pointed out that most people could walk faster than that, but I am choosing to ignore him.

Back/hip pain – none,

Enjoyment – 8/10 downhil, -3/10 uphill. And a huge shout for @paulkdesigner for the sharing of joy in achievement!

Shower – thank God

Smugness level – “Nah Nah na-Nah Nah”

Clerical collar – not worn

5 responses to “Day 10 – Janathon

  1. lovely to read – welcome break in a very, very long day of writing an answer book for my book (requests are getting ever more insistent) whilst supervising the plumber and the plasterer.Who have had the front door open most of the day…

  2. Was it you on the cycle path this afternoon – the one that starts near your house? We drove past and I said to Julia that looks like a quite knackered Claire. Forgive me if I am maligning you!

    • Dave, if it looked like a version of me that looked like it was going to lie down and die, it was most certainly me. If not, you are probably maligning someone else! You do realise you’ve messed up my recognition statistics, don’t you? 🙂

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